OIC Dashboard For Multiple Environments In Excel

We all know Oracle provides Oracle Integration dashboard to see how our integrations are performing. But, most of the times we tend to requirements such as

  • Overall Status of OIC
  • Statistics of Each Integration( Such as Success,Error,Aborted)
  • Error details of each instance for an integration
  • And the list never ends 🙂

There are many ways to do so,

  1. Any user having access to OIC console , can login to OIC and get the data from Monitoring page and many other tabs. Now for a user going back and forth to the dashboard and navigating to multiple tabs would be little tedious and time taking . What if we have multiple environments. ?
  2. Developers can create a custom web application using any technology and then provide application access to those users. This is a good option to consider if the project scale is large and there are other scenarios to implement ( for e.g. Resubmission of Integrations). This option will take time to develop and further to maintain the same . May be it will require DB objects as well to store the data.

I wanted to create something easy to use and also accessible to all concerned users . We all are familiar with Microsoft Excel and we can create one simple OIC dashboard with above statistics using REST API’s provided by oracle. Below are some functionalities published in the dashboard. We can expand this as required. Since , Organization wide we have access to SharePoint , we can upload the excel to SharePoint and any user having access to SharePoint will be able to access the same. There is no need of creating different user directory or groups for access.

Functionality :

  • Overall Status of OIC
  • Individual Statistics of Integrations
  • Multiple Integration Instances data on same dashboard . Use Dropdown to Select the Instance
  • Filter the Integration for which error details needs to be seen.
  • Refresh button to refresh all data ( within 60 sec , no lagging )

Below is the screenshot of the dashboard- It is dynamic and can be refreshed on click of refresh icon. I am not so good at UX , but created this simple one page dashboard for multiple environments .

Requirement to create the above :

  1. Oracle Monitoring API’s (https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/integration-cloud/rest-api/op-ic-api-integration-v1-monitoring-integrations-get.html)
  2. Knowledge of excel .( Can Google the formulas , they are quite simple if you don’t know them)

In order to use the API’s as external data source in excel we have the feature to fetch data from other sources–>From Web as shown.

As we fetch data, we can create multiple sheets for every instance and a final sheet as dashboard to collate the data and display.

Advantages would be no other custom application to develop or maintain.

No separate user creation required. Only one service user is required from each instances to fetch the data.

Access to the dashboard can be done via SharePoint.

User Friendly. Real Time data with negligible lagging as compared to web apps.

Thanks for reading !!! Hope it helps you to monitor OIC Instances 🙂

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